Communications Towers

On a drive across the city, one would be able to notice a lot of tall towers towards the outskirts of the city. These towers are also present inside the city, but not in large numbers. These are basically communication towers or cellphone towers and its height can range anywhere from 200 feet to 500 feet. Since these towers require maintenance from time to time, therefore it is necessary that the towers are strong and sturdy to begin with. The tower should be a solid one considering its height and the need for regular maintenance, which in turn triggers the demand for access platform sales since access platforms are required for gaining easy access to the towers during maintenance. Self-supporting towers are the best kinds of towers to use for such purposes because of the sheer amount of benefits they offer.

In the context of self-supporting towers, the ones manufactured by Rohn are a viable option. Very few manufacturing facilities of communication towers are as impressive as Rohn, which has been in existence for the past forty years, therefore it has managed to gain a good reputation over the years. What's more, one can count on Rohn towers as these are one of the best in their genres. What makes these self-supporting towers so popular is the attention to detail given. Moreover, these self-supporting towers also offer years of usage without any corrosion because they are hot-dip galvanized and passed through the process of fabrication.

Hot-dip galvanizing refers to the process of immersing the section of the self-supporting tower into molten zinc, both inside and out, so that the section is completely covered. This is a highly beneficial process because it provides an attractive finish to the tower in addition to providing it with unmatched protection against corrosion and rust. Apart from the fact that these are immaculately manufactured, some parts often using a rotary kiln repairs during the process, the towers come with an array of accessories such as platforms, antenna mounts, ladders for climbing safety climbing devices, mounting frames, ice shields and so on. Thus, thanks to the presence of these highly useful pre-designed accessories from Rohn, workers are able to gain easy access for maintaining or repairing the towers.

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Rohn self-supporting towers are used in various industries across the world. It is mostly used for microwave, sports lighting, mounting surveillance cameras, broadcasting and also for weather accessories. These are a great low-cost solution for having lightweight antennas high up in the air. Not only are these useful because of their designs, but they also come with a 'fixed' base which makes their installation easier. The best thing about these Rohn self-supporting towers is that they are highly versatile they come with pre-engineered loading charts which make them flexible, thus meeting varying site conditions and individual specs with ease.

There are two kinds of models available standard ones and heavy ones the latter is used in case of greater loading capacity. All in all these are great solutions for those in need of towers which make it easy for workers to gain access for repairing and maintenance purpose.